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What is LDF (Low Density Fiberboard)?

Differences between LDF and MDF
LDF’s Competitive Advantage to Wood

What is LDF wood?

LDF stands for low density fiberboard. It is a board material created through the pressing of natural wood fibers at extremely high pressures and temperatures. The terms “ultra-light MDF” and “light MDF” are often used to denote LDF products in English-speaking countries. LDF products may also be under a brand name (e.g. America Ultrawood).

Two Definitions of LDF

To reduce any confusion from our buyers, the term ‘low-density fiberboard’ can represent two materials. The first material is modern LDF which we use to produce furniture and architectural décor denoted by American standards as ANSI A208.2–2002.  LDF also represents insulation material developed in the 1920’s which is not used by our company.

How is Low Density Fiberboard (LDF) Manufactured? LDF’s Environmental Advantage

LDF is created from a combination of wood fibers.  These wood fibers are mostly sourced from pine and eucalyptus trees and are grown on unique farms specifically for their quick regrowth abilities. By sourcing wood fibers from these two select materials we can prevent the endangerment of wild forests.

The raw source material characteristics of LDF is one of its greatest advantages over MDF which is often created from a variety of inconsistent soft and hard woods with the addition of tree barks. MDF products also contain large quantities of formaldehyde resin binders for the purposes of structural integrity. The addition of these binders causes an inconsistent product in end-user weight and performance.

In the production of LDF, wood fibers are treated with oxygen, washed, and whitened to ensure end-user performance and consistent weights of each board. The final stage in this process is the bonding of these fibers under high pressures and temperatures using resins with a safe formaldehyde content which meet the highest European environmental standards (Standard E-1 – similar to natural wood by its characteristics).


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