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About Us

Ultrawood is a Canadian architectural décor firm specializing in designing and supplying a range of environmentally friendly and high quality LDF products.

The name Ultrawood was inspired by the two main value drivers of our product. To our firm and our customers, “Ultra” represents an extraordinary product made out of a sustainable and environmentally material that had the advantages of natural “wood” without its complications.

After an international career of twenty years supplying a broad range of architectural décor, we saw a unique opportunity – a demand for a durable, affordable, environmentally friendly, and easy to install product that was not being met by the market.

Our search for a product which could satisfy both our customers’ needs and our obligation to protect the environment began in 2005 and took a year until we found the perfect material to use for our architectural décor – low-density fiberboard.

This material was unique to the marketplace due to its environmentally friendly manufacturing process which meets both the most stringent environmental standards and is compliant with the Forest Stewardship Council.

Our architectural décor is made from specially selected wood sourced in South America and is unparalleled in its quality, durability, and environmental impact.


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