Our Story – Ultrawood LLC

Our Story

Our business is based on a simple principle that encompasses our operations, team, and product choice - provide unique and affordable architectural décor that meets the standards of our team, exceeds the needs of our customers, and protects the environment.

Based on this principle every purchase of Ultrawood branded products comes with an ecological guarantee to cause minimum environmental disruption while conserving thousands of acres of forests and woodlands. We provide an affordable and price-competitive natural alternative for conscious consumers to the polluting and synthetic materials which make up a majority of architectural décor available on the market.

Every day our world is changing and customers are exposed to new products while considering the health and environmental impact of their product choices. Even as little as ten years ago I could not have imaged that we would have the opportunity to easily and conveniently purchase reusable cups and grocery bags instead of conventional disposable plastic bags and glasses. Back then, people didn’t understand that they had the option to refuse to buy and engage with products that harmed the environment, health, and surrounding communities.

I personally did not appreciate how much a single business owner could facilitate positive social and environmental change while maintaining a solid commitment to their customers and employees. I hold the firm belief that what sparked this revolution was a customer’s ability to choose what product was right for them based on the global diffusion and availability of the internet. The conviction of these individuals to alter their product choices provided the opportunity for us to be aware, and more importantly care about the local and global consequences of our purchases.

Every day we take small steps to improve the quality of our products while finding new ways to minimize the environmental consequences of our production line and supply chain. We strive to be the leading brand of environmentally safe architectural décor in the market. Our hopes our that our products make the world a better place to live every day.