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LDF Based Architectural Decor Supplier

We are a Canadian company that supplies high quality and affordable architectural décor created from environmentally friendly low density fiberboard material.

Supplying High Quality LDF Architectural Decor Since 2006

We hold a leading position in the list of specialized retailers of LDF architectural decor, manufacturing and delivering products to any corner of the world. Our most in-demand markets are the United States, the European Union and the Russian Federation. Over the past 10 years, LDF products in the United States and Canada have exceeded the aggregate sales of its closest competitors, conventional polyurethane and MDF decorative materials.

We have combined our operations with four American regional support centers to offer exceptional service for both construction companies and developers.

Worldwide Logistics Management and Supply Chain Capabilities

Our logistics services interact with 12 international major hub ports around the world, delivering their products to more 2,800 destinations every month. Over the five-year plan adopted in 2016, we plan to launch trade missions in the Middle East.

Dependable Product Supply.

Multiple global warehouses combined with an international logistics service enable us to maintain a consistent stock of products to prevent a shortage of goods and ensure their reliable and speedy delivery.

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